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Painting the Wild - Summer/Fall '21 - Pg 48-50

Technically, Carrie Wild paints Western wildlife. But the verve and whimsy that she infuses into each of her paintings is compelling and unexpected - you won't mistake one of her thoughtful animal profiles for a photograph. She hopes, though, that what your eye doesn't immediately identify as familiar, your heart and memory will.  

Artist: Carrie Wild

Fine art connoisseur

Artist Spotlight: Patricia A. Griffin - Spring 2021

Take a closer look at Patricia A. Griffin in her Q & A session with Fine Art Connoisseur. Patricia recounts her past and what has lead to her immense success as a wildlife artist. Patricia also discusses what inspires her and even divulges what she has in her personal art collection!

Artist: Patricia A. Griffin

Fine art connoisseur

Featured Artwork: Thor - Winter 2021

Thor’s grounding personality emanates from thin washes and thousands of strokes of buttery paint. The saturated layers of pigment bring the animal’s essence into the room with the signature style of artist Patricia A. Griffin. Thor engages the viewer in an exchange of strength and tranquil observation.

Artist: Patricia A. Griffin

Big Sky Journal

Artist of the West: Finding The Magic - Summer 2020

When artist Meagan Blessing was 9 years old, she filled an expedition-style backpack and walked out the front door of her family’s home in Seattle, Washington. It was summertime, school was out for the year, and she was ready for a great adventure.

Artist: Meagan Blessing

Jackson Hole Magazine

Mixing Business with Art - February 2020

It was the opportunity to interact with collectors and the public that inspired Wild, who paints contemporary pieces of wildlife subjects, to open her gallery. In 2012 she began participating in events and shows where, she says, “I was actually able to witness expressions on viewers’ faces. Whether it was a smile with a gasp of excitement or a scoff of disgust from someone who preferred a more traditional representation...

Artist: Carrie Wild

Jackson Hole Magazine, Gallery Wild

The Scout Guide - Jackson Hole

All Things Wild - January 2020

Just last week photographers lined up on South Park Loop to capture the Maverick mountain lion feeding on an elk carcass. This kind of wildlife sighting is not totally uncommon in Jackson Hole. But it is ironic that it happened just down the road from Gallery Wild, Carrie Wild shares her gift for creating and curating some of the most provocative modern wildlife images...

Artist: Carrie Wild

The Scout Guide - Jackson Hole, Carrie Wild

Fine Art Connoisseur

Among the Trees: Bridgette Meinhold - December 2019

Meinhold is an active proponent of open space preservation and protection of wild spaces as well as being an avid skier, mountain biker, climber, and hiker. Her time spent outdoors and her love of nature directly translate into her atmospheric landscape paintings...

Artist: Bridgette Meinhold

Fine Art Connoisseur - Bridgette Meinhold

Western Art & Architecture

Artists Spotlight: Jennifer Johnson - August/September 2019

Jennifer Johnson's vintage poster paintings embody the deep-seated relationship Americans have with their national parks.  As a child, Johnson grew up visiting, exploring, and camping in all of the national parks with her father, a plant pathologist for the National Forest Service.  Her attachment to the parks became an integral part of her artistic process...

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Gallery Wild Hosts New, Old Faces in Bright New Space - September 2019

Peterson hasn’t been toiling for years in a dingy studio, splashing oil paints over canvases and waiting tables while he waits for his big break. He isn’t some upstart kid.  Peterson is an octogenarian who stumbled into his career as an artist almost by accident. He came to the 2011 Fall Arts Festival — as a spectator, an art enthusiast — and visited Wild’s original gallery.

Jackson Hole News and Guide - Gallery Wild


In Art, Life, and Work, Matt Flint Enjoys the Process - September 2019

Matt Flint paints in the same way he explores the rugged landscape where he seeks his inspiration. Guided by curiosity, he embraces the process and the unknown, following his intuition on the canvas, much in the same way an adventure might unfold in the wilderness... 

Artist: Matt Flint

Buckrail - Matt Flint

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Jenna von Benedikt's Birds are Messengers - August 2019

When Jenna von Benedikt was looking for names for her child, she stumbled upon a meaning for her own first name: “little bird.”  The name stuck and, along with other meanings she discovered, like “paradise,” became a guiding light of sorts for her as she painted.  “I like the little bird definition,” von Benedikt said. “It’s a neat way to think that it could bridge the two places, you know...

Artist: Jenna von Benedikt

Jackson Hole News and Guide - Jenna von Benedikt

Western Art Collector

Jennifer Johnson - July 2019

While creating these paintings has been nostalgic for Johnson, she's not the only one.  "It's kind of sparking my collectors' memories of the parks, which I love," she says.  I really enjoy hearing their own stories from visiting these locations.  "It's like having a piece of someone else's experience."

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Bridgette Meinhold Paints Landscapes of Layered Wax - July 2019

Painter Bridgette Meinhold gains life lessons from her art.  As an encaustic painter of 10 years she builds up beeswax and resin layers to create 3D landscapes, usually hazy mountains, clouds and trees, in a 2D context.  "As each layer is done it’s encased in wax,” Meinhold said. “I actually can’t go back and fix it. Once it’s done, it’s done...

Artist: Bridgette Meinhold

Camille Styles

The Weekend Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming - July 2019

Gallery Hop — If you need a break from outdoor activity, spend an evening winding your way through Jackson’s many art galleries. Start at the Museum of Wildlife Art for a comprehensive look at the region’s history. Then head to Gallery Wild for a modern take on wildlife art...

Camille Styles - Jackson Hole, Gallery Wild

Big Sky Journal

Artist of the West: Amber Blazina - Summer 2019

Amber Blazina’s brush flies from palette to painting. Her mind is focused, but her body shakes with adrenaline. She’s participating in a quick-draw at the Out West Art Show in Great Falls, Montana, during Western Art Week, and the gun of time is drawn. She has only 60 minutes to create a painting. An anxious crowd watches her as though she’s a magician while she manifests an animal on linen...

Artist: Amber Blazina

Southwest Art

Meet 6 Artists Who Focus on Animals and Wildlife - June 2019

The constant rhythm of nature, with each character fulfilling its role, is the story I want to tell through my art. I feel personally connected to the subjects I sculpt, and my hope is to fulfill someone else’s desire to feel closer to something wild.  I am largely self-taught. My art is a product of experimentation and a commitment to honing my craft...

Artist: Jeremy Bradshaw

Western Art & Architecture

Contemporary in Nature - April/May 2019

Wildlife artist Carrie Wild has spent thousands of hours outdoors, tracking, viewing, and photographing wildlife.  She is equally at home among the impressive soaring mountain peaks and expansive valleys of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as she is on the African plains or in the frigid polar bear country of Churchill, Manitoba.  It is all about the animals, the birds, and sometimes, the creatures beneath the sea...

Artist: Carrie Wild

Western Art & Architecture - Contemporary in Nature

Southwest Art

Emerging Artists | Carrie Wild - March/April 2019

Deer, foxes, coyotes, horses—Carrie Wild grew up observing all of these creatures scampering, grazing, or galloping across her family’s 26-acre horse farm in southern Michigan. She was a natural at working with animals, too; by age 12, she could handle and ride a stallion. As the daughter of veterinary-science researchers, Wild seemed destined for an animal-related profession herself...

Artist: Carrie Wild

Southwest Art - Emerging Artists, Carrie Wild

Jackson Hole News & Guide

Visiting Painter Takes Over Gallery Wild - March 2019

Walk through the doors of Gallery Wild and you can smell a faint scent of paint. That’s because, in addition to showing conservation-inspired works, the gallery doubles as an art studio.  Owner and painter Carrie Wild is usually set up in the back of the shop, which just reopened in a larger space in the same building last month. But starting last Monday, Wild’s friend and fellow painter, Patricia Griffin, has taken over her spot...

Artist: Patricia Griffin

Jackson Hole News and Guide - Patricia Griffin

Jackson hole news & Guide

Gallery Wild Takes a Spot on Broadway - February 2019

Gallery Wild is part gallery, part open artist’s studio. On any given day visitors can watch Wild or a visiting artist at work while perusing hung works. All of Gallery Wild’s artwork is contemporary and conservation- or wildlife-focused.  The new Broadway-facing space will allow Gallery Wild to continue business as usual, just bigger. Williams said he and Wild will add a handful of artists to their roster...

Hockaday Museum of Art

A Timeless Legacy Artist: Jennifer Johnson - 2019

Jennifer describes her painting style as a combination of realism and impressionism.  She focuses her landscapes primarily of the Midwest and Northwestern states.  She paints subjects from her life's experiences outdoors as a photographer/plein air artist.  Her medium is oil on linen using both light and medium stroke work...

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Fine Art Connoisseur

A Relentless Pursuit - December 2018

There is a tingling sensation throughout my body when I witness an animal in its native habitat. I travel from the Arctic to the Equator in relentless pursuit of this experience. It occurs in the last strongholds of our diminishing wildlife.  I am a wildlife painter, photographer, researcher, naturalist, and conservationist. I use my work as a billboard for awareness...

Artist: Patricia Griffin

Fine Art Connoisseur - Patricia Griffin

Fine Art Connoisseur

Featured Artwork: Patricia Griffin - December 2018

Patricia Griffin is a wildlife painter, photographer, researcher, naturalist, and conservationist. She uses her work as a billboard for awareness.  "I see my paintings as a vehicle for the awakening of the human soul to the necessity of protecting and preserving that which does not speak a human language,” explains Patricia...

Artist: Patricia Griffin

Fine Art Connoisseur - Patricia Griffin

Big Sky Journal

C.M. Russell Museum Announces 2019 Members of the Russel Skull Society of Artists - November 2018

The C.M. Russell Museum is proud to welcome four new artists into the Russell Skull Society of Artists. Formed in 2013 to recognize a group of distinguished painters and sculptors for their dedication to keeping the traditions of Charles M. Russell alive, the Russell Skull Society welcomes Troy Collins, Jennifer Johnson...

Artist: Jennifer Johnson

Big Sky Journal - Jennifer Johnson

Mountain Living Magazine

The Ultimate Resort Guide - November 2018

This new gallery has the perfect name, as it’s located in an area known for its abundant wildlife. The name actually comes from Carrie Wild, who owns the gallery with her husband, wildlife photographer Jason Williams. The gallery showcases art inspired by wildlife and wild open spaces...

Mountain Living Magazine - Gallery Wild

Jackson Hole Traveler

New Gallery Goes Into the Wild - September 2018

Jackson Hole’s newest art gallery is a visual love song to all things wild, from the furry to the feathered to the fabulous landscapes of seemingly endless, untamed spaces. Its name — appropriately — is Gallery WildThis delightful cache of creativity on South Glenwood features the jaw dropping and inspiring wildlife paintings and photographs...

Jackson Hole Traveler - Gallery Wild

Cowboys & indians

Art Gallery: Carrie Wild - July 2018

Her sketchbook overflowed with drawings of horses and wildlife on her family’s Michigan farm. She challenged herself to correctly draw every muscle, body conformation, and facial expression of even the songbirds at the window bird feeder. Her first art award: winning her 8-year-old age division of the statewide 4-H art contest with a pastel drawing of an Arabian horse...

Artist: Carrie Wild

Cowboys and Indians - Art Gallery, Carrie Wild

Western Art & Architecture

Getting Down to Business - April/May 2018

Two years ago, Montana native Amber Blazina was a freelance graphic designer working from home — successful but unsatisfied. A painting habit abandoned after high school was tugging at her heart. She decided to begin again, and experimented with new kinds of brushstrokes...

Artist: Amber Blazina

Paard Verzameld

Matt Flint - May 2018

Artifacts of the creative process can be seen in the rich varied textures, raw worked surfaces, fragile subtle marks and veiled light qualities created by working and reworking the piece. As one image comes into focus another is fading away, retaining a piece of the previous while hinting at what might come next...

Artist: Matt Flint

Paard Verzameld - Matt Flint

Big Life Magazine

Painting with Passion: Bridgette Meinhold - Winter 2017

The Art of Preservation - Living big is often about giving big. Sometimes, you have to take things into your own hands, literally. Utah artist Bridgette Meinhold is doing just that—using her hands, vision, and heart to triumph a cause close to her community...

Artist: Bridgette Meinhold

Big Life Magazine - Bridgette Meinhold

1859 - Oregon's Magazine

Artist in Residence / Alison Brown - September 2017

As a college student at the University of Oregon, Alison Brown searched for a career that would be fulfilling. She knew she loved art, but didn’t think she could make a living sculpting. Then she discovered her calling was all over campus—in the form of Puddles the Duck, the university’s mascot. Today, the 28-year-old Troutdale resident has a successful business sculpting mascots and other figures...

Artist: Alison Caswell

1859 - Alison Caswell

Big Sky Journal

Artist of the West: Matt Flint - Fall 2017

Matt Flint interprets tangible places on our behalf; using layers, glyphs, scratched surfaces, and repeated patterns, he demonstrates new ways of understanding the natural world. Powerfully emotional, he tethers the transient human experience to the land; by following the natural process of growth, decay, and rebirth, he relates the world as it is. Like a glimpse not only at the landscape but down through it as well...

Artist: Matt Flint

Big Sky Journal - Artist of the West, Matt Flint


Interview with Artist Jenna von Benedikt - August 2017

I remember painting a picture of the Royal family on some poster paper when I was around six years old. My school class was performing an assembly on the Queen, and we each held up our posters and said our little spiel. My teacher, Miss Gullett, was extremely patriotic and she set up an art club and played old war tunes on her piano while we painted and did our work. It’s probably the first significant memory...

Artist: Jenna von Benedikt

Segullah - Jenna von Benedikt

Big Sky Journal

The Wild World of Color - Arts 2017

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based painter Carrie Wild has chosen to portray the wildlife that surrounds her in her mountain town: bison, elk, horses, moose. But the offbeat colors she uses are also her trademark, and of gravitational appeal for her collectors.  Wild started her art career with animal portraiture and realistic scenes — which remains evident in her animal’s more realistic features...

Artist: Carrie Wild

Big Sky Journal - The Wild World of Color, Carrie Wild

15 Bytes | Artists of Utah

Daily Bytes | Who Do You Love: Jenna von Benedikt - February 2016

“Visually, our work is very different, but I resonate with the themes he brings up: Stewardship of the earth, our connections to each other. They raise important, personal, often spiritual questions.  "My paintings are more simplified and abstract. For me, it’s appealing to collide subtle lines or industrialized opposition to something so delicate and natural as a bird. It’s my way to invent a ‘new world’...

Artist: Jenna von Benedikt

Artists of Utah - Jenna von Benedikt

Mountain Living Magazine

Winter's Hush - October 2014

"Nature by far is my greatest influence," Meinhold says. "I spend as much time as I can outdoors—hiking, skiing, biking, climbing or just sitting listening to the wind through the trees, watching the clouds pass by and observing how the light changes."

Artist: Bridgette Meinhold

Mountain Living Magazine - Bridgette Meinhold

Artist Portfolio Magazine

Jenna von Benedikt / International Art Exhibition - 2014

Nature—up close—often manifests herself in the form of abstracted landscapes, textures, and patterns, and are integral influences in my art, including my faith and spiritual education; many of my personal beliefs have distilled from time spent outdoors...

Artist: Jenna von Benedikt

Artist Portfolio Magazine - Jenna Von Benedikt

Mormon Artist

Jenna von Benedikt - October 2013

I enjoy bold colors and lines, and abstract work offers more leeway for exercising those graphic elements. I’ve also learned a great deal about paint application and color combinations through my abstract pieces. There is something quite profound about just a color itself...

Artist: Jenna von Benedikt

Mormon Artist - Jenna von Benedikt

Southwest Art

Emerging Artist | Matt Flint - July 2010

His imagery usually features abstracted versions of animals, plants, and figures that dwell within simple geometric planes. Flint’s mission is to capture the rhythms of the natural world by layering paint and creating rich, weathered textures that are scratched and scored like the landscape itself, which is constantly changing and re-forming. The results are haunting, multi-layered pieces...

Artist: Matt Flint

Southwest Art - Matt Flint

Simple Floors, Portland

Bringing Bronze Sculptures to Life in Portland - Blog

Rip and Alison Caswell are the husband-and-wife team behind Caswell Sculpture based in Troutdale, just East of Portland. They dynamic duo unite their respective talents in the creation of their amazing statue artwork which they sell directly and through studios across the country.  Not only do they create the amazing art, but they also own their own casting foundry Firebird Bronze Foundry...

Artist: Rip and Alison Caswell

Simple Floors, Portland, Rip and Alison Caswell

Epic Diving - Cat Island, Bahamas

Sculptor Victor Douieb visits Cat Island, Bahama - 2012

Victor Douieb visits Cat Island in the Bahamas, where he dives with Epic Diving in search of the Oceanic Whitetip shark.  Victor uses his sculptures to bring awareness to the cruel practice of sharkfinning...

Artist: Victor Douieb

Epic Diving - Cat Island Bahamas, Victor Douieb