Larry Moore

Larry Moore

Artist, author, and instructor/creative coach, Larry has a diverse background as a visual communicator: Advertising and design, fine art, plein air (location painting), illustration (35 years) and has worked in almost every medium and style you can think of… except maybe egg tempera and marble. Through his exploration Larry has discovered that the creative process behind all of these approaches is pretty much the same.

As an instructor, he takes his years of acquired knowledge from illustration, graphic design, location painting, teaching Critical thinking and the aforementioned topics and morphs them together in his work and teaching. He gives people a way to access the creative spirit and broaden not just the way they paint but the way they think and play.

Work from Larry's series Intrusion is displayed and available at Gallery Wild. The series is a thought provoking and visually captivating series of oil paintings that asks the question 'Who is intruding on whom?' As humans take up more space, many species can be found on the fringes or even coexisting within human landscapes. Depending on how you look at it, who between humans and wildlife has the “right” to be there? Coexistence is, to many, still a novel concept and Larry's oil paintings can lead the mind into a much deeper exploration of human relation and understanding of wild, or lack thereof.

Each painting has a story, often from the artist's life, but he leaves plenty of room for the viewer's own interpretation. Beyond the story of each piece is Larry's lifetime of learning, teaching and exploration as an artist of most mediums. While a conservation driven message is behind each piece, Larry's work still hooks your attention without the backstory adding depth and richness to any space. 

Select Awards

Society of Illustrators,  Gold medal
Luerzers Archive Top 200 illustrators worldwide

Select Museum Exhibits

Society of Illustrators Museum, NY
Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Fl
Laguna Museum of Art, Laguna CA
Naples Museum of Art
Academy Art Museum, Easton MD
Thomas Center for the Arts, Gainesville FL
Maitland Art Center, Maitland FL
Orange County Regional History Center , Orlando FL
Alexander Brest Museum, Jacksonville FL
Tallahasee Museum, Tallahasee FL
The Museum of Florida Art and Culture, Avon Park FL
The Museum of Florida Art, Deland, FL

Select Publications 

American Art Collector
Create Magazine
Pastel Journal
American Artist Workshop Magazine


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