Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Jason grew up in Illinois and has a diverse background of occupations that make up his resume. The one consistent thread through his life is a love of the outdoors and all of the wild things, places and activities it has to offer. His love of the landscape is what led him to get a B.S. in geography, which was a rock solid foundation for him to continue to build his outdoor knowledge on. His field of experience includes scuba diving, caving, rock climbing, backpacking, backcountry skiing, canoeing, sailing, snowmobiling, and whitewater rafting. Jason is the founder and CEO of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris and has been guiding wildlife and photography safaris, snowmobile trips, scenic floats and whitewater river trips throughout the greater Yellowstone ecosystem since 2004. 

Jason has been a professional wildlife photographer since 2005 and has garnered the attention of numerous magazines and other publications. His passion for learning about the environment he is in, wherever that may be, is well complimented by his camera. His travels and photography have taken him all over the world, sometimes seeking out the most illusive or threatened species animals such as snow leopards, polar bears, spirit bears and tigers. He has even gained an affinity for underwater photography and the opportunity to interact with numerous species of sharks. 

Lucky for Jason, he calls Jackson Hole home and has access to stunning landscapes and some of the most charismatic megafauna of North America, like the Grizzly, Wolf, Moose and Bison, sometimes in his own yard. His passion for sharing this landscape is unparalleled. Through creating Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris Jason has been dedicated to giving visitors the best possible experience when they come to experience Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Combined with the opening of Gallery Wild to make wildlife and open space themed art accessible to people, the two businesses seek to inspire people to learn about, respect and get protect wildlife and open spaces. 

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