Matt Flint

Matt Flint

Matt Flint grew up in rural Missouri where is playground and inspiration as a child were open fields and wooded hills. Encouraged to follow is creative drive by a mentor in high school, Matt went on to earn a Bachelor's and Master's in Fine Art. Along with becoming a successful full time artist, Matt is also a professor of art. 

Matt’s well known style of paintings are of animals, plants, and landscapes seen through a moment of shifting focus. He paints the way he explores the rugged mountains where he lives in Lander, Wyoming, always pushing to see what is over the next hill, searching for the unexpected.

Artifacts of the creative process can be seen in the rich varied textures, raw worked surfaces, fragile subtle marks and veiled light qualities created by working and reworking the piece. As one image comes into focus another is fading away, retaining a piece of the previous while hinting at what might come next. The more time you spend with his paintings, the more you will see. 

“The result of my search in paint, mirrors the constant changes found in nature.”

Matt's work is a practice in slowing down both for him and his active lifestyle and an invitation for the viewer. As a full time artist, full time professor and father, balance is a necessary ingredient, but one he is well versed in. 


Select Exhibitions

2010 Tokyo to Wyoming, Western Wyoming College, Rock Springs, Wyoming

2009 Wyoming Arts Council Biennial Fellowship Exhibition, Wyoming State Museum Cheyenne, Wyoming

2007 Rocky Mountain Invitational, The Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, Wyoming

2007 The Governors Capitol Art Exhibition, The Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming

2007 New Wyoming Painters, The Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, Wyoming


Select Awards

2008 Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship Award

2007 Governors Capitol Art Exhibition, Bobby Hathaway Jurors Choice Award and the Wyoming State Collection Purchase Award


Select Publications

Western Art & Architecture Magazine, 'Ones to Watch,' Spring/Summer 2010

Southwest Art Magazine, 'Artist to Watch,' March 2010  


Select Collections

Audax Theatre Group, New York, New York

The Scott Opler Foundation, St. Petersburg, Florida

The Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, Wyoming

The Wyoming State Museum, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Spink Butler LLC, Boise, Idaho

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